Monday, July 26, 2010


Cat's Creations has FINALLY been on over.


If you plan it...they will come...and come they did!
First on the list of activities was for everyone to meet at
"Pumpa's Porch Swing to pay off your pawn",
( no navajo rugs please). I think he might be a Hansen...what do you think?

Next on the agenda was crafts in "Nunna's backyard", for the women folk of course. The men folk headed down to Clarence's pond for fishing & fun! I'm a woman, so I was making crafts.
I think Nunna would be proud.
Then it was on to lunch & a chance to cool off at Tanner Park.
Dr. Miller showed us how it was done. ...any guesses? C'mon this one is easy! His mother wears a gold skirt!

After dinner all the little kiddies swung the
Original Pinata Stick
to bust out some treats! And boy did the feathers fly!

Uncle Floyd decided to change it up a notch & filled his pinata with feathers!
They were everywhere!
To close the whole thing down, in true Joe City style, we headed to the badlands for some "redneck fireworks".
It was a great day...
Thanks to Elizabeth & her family for all their hard
work & planning, you all did a great job!