Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peaches, Peaches! We All Fall Down!

It's September, & in September truckloads of peaches come into town from Utah. In keeping up this long standing tradition we all put our orders in, one box or two. Some families order four or five! You know when the day of delivery is here, just drive through town & you will see boxes of peaches on every front porch, where they stay as we check them daily waiting for them to ripen enough to "put up". (That's canning slang for "preserve"). We are all getting ready to bottle, freeze, cobbler, jam & jelly 'em up! The conversation among the women all over town is consumed by this subject. We are all in a frenzy, on a race against over ripe fruit & the onslaught of the ever annoying fruit fly! When I married my dear husband & he moved me to this little town, I was eager to be a good Joe City woman & was willing to learn everything that this entailed. On my way to reaching this goal I had to reach out to the older, wiser & more experienced generation of Joe City women. On the top of my list was of course my mother-in-law, Eleanor Hansen. She has a wealth of knowledge & I have been learning from her for 17 years now. After receiving my first order of peaches she taught me how to can them & how to make jam with them. She taught me how to appreciate a beautifully bottled can of peaches. You can't just shove them in the jar, you have to place them in so that they look nice. Since then, I always stand back to admire my bottled peaches when there all done & sitting on the shelf. I am grateful for this lesson in taking care to make all my hard work look good. I love being a part of this tradition. I finshed all my peaches today & am proud to say that out of two boxes I only had to throw away 2 rotten peaches! My back hurts from standing all day & my hands & nails are fruit stained but it will be very rewarding to go down in the cellar in the middle of winter & grab a jar of fresh peaches that I preserved myself & I can pronounce all the ingredients, peaches, water, sugar.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Birthday Bash for a Real Special Lady.

The invitation read:
"Like sand in the Joe City wash,
so are the days of Darcy’s life.
Come celebrate Darcy’s 47 years of celibacy!
The festive occasion requires festive wear.
Grass skirts, coconut bra’s, etc.
are mandatory.
Place: Julie Clifford’s back yard
(aka Eleanor’s Secret Garden)
Time: 6:00 p.m.
(Happy hour 6:00 – 7:00, last call 9:00)
Date: August 29, 2009
Keep this info under your grass skirt,
Darcy is unaware of her peril."
And come they did! Festive wear & all!
Toya was so proud of her grass skirt.
Mike was so proud of his Hawaiin shirt! (Well not really, it just rhymed so well). I think he was asking for the hula dancers. We did tell him it was a luau but hey, he's livin' on Porter Ave. & Julie & I in our grass skirts & the irrigation ditch running in the back yard is the closest he's gonna get to the islands around here!
Elizabeth & Jordan led us in some great "Parlor" games! There were moments when I felt we could have been in the scene from the classic musical Scrooge playing "The Ministers Cat". Mike would have played the part of Scrooge, except we could hear him. I know how fond he is of that movie. Every Christmas he does his best to avoid it!
Liz & Jordan also put together a power point presentation titled,
"Nuggets of Wisdom from Miss Combs"
It was great! The party was sooo much fun, I laughed so hard I went home with a headache!
In the end Darcy reminded us that she was 48 not 47 years old!