Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The ghosts, goblins & ghouls were out & about this Halloween.... .....I caught these three ghosts hanging around my porch swing. They looked friendly enough so I took a few shots before they disappeared!

Then I headed off to the Halloween Carnival with the goods! I really had a lot of fun preparing for the carnival this year. I volunteered to help my son Niclaas's 8th grade class with their booth. The 8th graders were in charge of the cake walk, again....so after watching parents' faces last year after their child won a whole cake & wondering what the heck they were supposed to do with it the rest of the night...I decided to change it up this year and make caramel apples instead...much easier to carry around! The painted cans were for a "Ping Pong Ball Toss". I filled a jar full of candy so that the carnival goers could take a guess at just how many pieces were in that jar. Whoever guessed....you guessed it, they would win the whole thing!

When Niclaas saw the jar he was determined to win it. He tried to pry hints out of me but I was strong....I had one small moment of weakness when I confessed to him that...."it is an odd number".
Here he is writing down one of his MANY guesses with two of his Hombre's looking on. He used the majority of his tickets to enter his guesses. Like I said... he was determined!
And what would the carnival be without this balloon twisting witch with her feather boa? You'll notice her apprentice by her side learning all of her tricks.
It was really a fun night. Great costumes & lots of fun & games at the carnival....and I know your wondering "Who won the candy jar?" Well......
Nic did!
There were 601 pieces of candy & one of his guesses was 599! Yeah, He was excited!