Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Photo Shoot With the Kiddos

The fall colors in Joseph City have been beautiful this year. I just had to gather the kids & get some photos. This one was Nic's idea & getting Seth to cooperate was less than simple. I had to bribe him to get this shot.
Getting Nic to pose isn't very easy either. He can't scream & yell in protest though, well I guess he could but if you know Nic you know that would never happen, it's more of a silient protest. He just endures it all.
So if the colors are so pretty why are these photos in black & white? Well I couldn't get Seth to change his shirt so that the kids would all match & I just kinda like them this way.
Here's a great one in color! The red leaves from my virginia creeper vine were all over the lawn. The pictures don't really do them justice, it was really pretty.

Speaking of pretty, I hate to brag but what can I say? I'm the mother & that's just how it is.
A fun little conversation I had with Seth the other day,
Seth: Mom I need you.
Me: What do you need your mom for?
Seth: Cuz I "lub" you.
Me: Oh Seth, you light up mommies life.
Seth: Mom mom light up Seth's life.
Ask me how grateful I am that I decided to have "one more".

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy 29th Julie!

I think Niclaas said it best when we were sitting down eating lunch after church on Sunday, he looked out the window & across the street & said "Mom, I love when Aunt Julie is with us, she makes everything better". Nic doesn't ever express himself much but he has always been a deep thinker & when he does decide to express himself we always listen. Niclaas has always loved his Aunt Julie. She's the one who gave him his nickname "Pickle". She loved to tease him with her "wicked witch" voice, "Let me feel your finger little boy". I knew he loved her because every time she said it he would stand there & hold out his finger. He wouldn't do that for anyone else! She has a way of endearing herself to her nieces & nephews like no one I have ever seen.
On a personal note I will just say that I completely agree with Nic, she does make things better. She is a great example to me & I am a better person for knowing her. We've walked & talked for miles, laughed & cried together. She is my sister & I love her.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Go Wildcats!

What you are about to view are photos taken during a recent tailgate party organized by the Obed Ward to spur on the Wildcat Varsity Football team. These are some real classics to be viewed & treasured in our memories for as long as you have one! To start it off we see John Hansen, a true "Joe City" character, leading the cheer!
Next we have the Achievement Day girls lead by none other than the perpetual cheerleader herself, Ms. Julie Clifford in her favorite golden skirt & pom poms.
And here is her son, obviously, & his sidekick Derek Downs leading the tailgaters in the WAVE!
There were lots of fun activities like this watermelon eating contest lead by Bishop Palmer. If eating hotdogs was your thing, there was that contest too.

Now what your about to see just might be my most favorite photos I've ever taken & I've taken alot of photos.
Yes folks, this is Dr. Doyle Hansen doing the "Chicken Dance"and next to him, as if I need to point her out, is that Gold Skirt!
It looks like Dr. Hansen is enjoying retirement!
Speaking of retirement, I was drug out of my golden years of a "has been" majorette along with former Wildcat Mascot, Gerald Hansen to entertain the fans. We did our best.

It is kinda hard to see my baton, it's a little lost in the sunlight, but I even twirled for the crowd, something I haven't done in 20 years! It's not like riding a bike.