Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Joe City Style

Merry Christmas everyone! I love this time of year, the decorations, the goodies & the traditions most of all. Just thought I'd post some photos of a couple of our favorite traditions. Bishop Alan Palmer started our Live Nativity tradition several years ago. He first started having his seminary students act it out at the park. He then moved it to his own barn. (We just walked through the back field).  When he became Bishop he moved it back to the park...had our ward's Young Men set it up & each ward takes a night, the week before Christmas, & performs the first Christmas Story. This year Seth got to be a shepherd. I was worried he would get cold so I really bundled him up. He looked more like "Randy" from Christmas Story than a shepherd:) We stand around fire pits furnished by the Elders Quorum & sip hot chocolate provided by the Relief Society. It's a great tradition...thank you Bishop Palmer.

Here's the little Shepard's staying warm by the fire...waiting for their cue.
Seth & Eli
What sweet little angels:)
Another favorite tradition is our annual Christmas sing-a-long. My sister-in-law Julie started this one. One year she decided that my parlor was the perfect place for an old fashioned sing-a-long. We love it! Anyone who plays the piano,ukulele, flute or the bells can take a turn, or several, & we all sing along. It can pretty rowdy, but I assure you, we are only drinking Darcy's wassail.

Steven & Alicia always play duets for us.

Nic always wears his Santa Hat...& yes, he does sing Christmas songs. They're his favorite along with his favorite dogs, Lady & Trance.
Annelie ended the evening with her rendition of
"Wizards of Winter". It's a rousing piece from the Transyberian Orchestra. My whole piano was rockin' during this one!
(Hold on to that bay Mary & Joseph!)

Seth's instrument for the night...Derron said it sounded like the Christmas Goose:)

Trenton was trying to put on the dog's hat.
Ms. Darcy Combs...Ms. Christmas herself.
Lacy found her own cute. She was playin' that suitcase with her her heart.
Justin played the bells.
What a sweet image...Lacy's hands on her mother's as she played, ahhh...

This is Seth after Trenton took his sad:(
Carolers who have been to all the sing-a-longs need no explanation for this one.
Our Friends Rich & Linda Miller joined us this year...we pointed out that they were sitting under the mistletoe & they knew just what to do!

Christmas is just a few days away now. I love this season & everything it represents. Most of all I love making memories. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and I hope you make some great memories.