Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas letter 2009

I've decided to blog my Christmas letter. I've barely had time to write it, let alone anything for this poor neglected blog. It goes along with my new blog title which is the picture that I'm sending out with this letter. After several failed attempts to take a current family photo, I decided, why not just take pictures of what goes on everyday, so here it is.
Merry Christmas everyone.
“The best Christmas gift of all is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other”.

We hope
this letter finds you all “wrapped” up!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hansens are we!
Annelie can be found playing her piano by the Christmas tree.
Niclaas is curled up with his video games by the fire,
Seth’s excitement for Santa couldn’t be any higher!
Every hunting tag was filled but one.
poor Nissan’s hunting days are done!
Derron, Cat, Annelie, Niclaas & Seth

Annelie's Christmas Poem

My daughter Annelie wrote this poem for a Seminary project. She read it to me last night & it made me cry. I love her so much & she impresses me all the time, I really think she was switched at birth & should have been with some other mother much more righteous than I am. But I'm keeping her! She is such a blessing to our family. When you read her writings it's hard not to feel of her spirit & her positive perspective on life, you can't help but smile.

Said one reindeer to the other as they warmed themselves in a stall.
“Say, do we ever get a retirement? Or will we have to do it all?”“What do you mean?” cried his friend,
“We’ve only been for centuries on end.”
“But is there anymore to our lives than flying around the globe?”“Besides lugging an ever-growing Saint Nick around? You’d have to probe.”
“And delivering presents to girls and boys?”
“That last only until battery no longer employs?”
“Yes,” Dancer nodded, “Because if that’s all, this world is quite empty.”
“Well,” Vixen sighed, “at least you and I are in good company.”
“But I have heard of another,”
“Oh? And who is that, Brother?”
“The one mentioned in all those beautiful carols, don’t you know.”
“Santa Claus, Jack Frost, Rudolph, or sleighs riding in snow?”
“Neither. Try Emanuel, Savior, Christ, a Son,”
“And why is your interest so very much won?”
“He promises gifts that go beyond this day, and that come to all mankind.”
“But does not Santa give to all? I’ve seen all those presents, I am not blind.”
“Santa only gives to the nice, remember.”
“But who is he to reward those of the naughty member?”
“They say he did it out of mercy, out of love. All so he could heal.”“But, Dancer, I find wisdom in Mr. Clause, with his holiday seal.”
“Well, this man sees differently than Santa does,”
“I guess so. Beyond, even, all that red and white fuzz.”
The two fell silent as their comrades each fell into nap.
Broken by a timid Vixen, “Santa lets you sit on his lap.”
“Yes, but His arms are open for all,
“more comforting than any ol’ elf shawl.”
Frustration began to heat within Vixen despite the icy air,
“However,” argued he, “Santa wishes all joy out of care.”
“That is true, but don’t you see?
“this man can give joy to you and me.”
“Why,” Dancer continued excitedly, his ideas expanding,
“He knows everyone and, in every sense, where they’re standing,
“he doesn’t have to ask your name--
“But I don’t think Santa’s to blame,
Interrupted Vixen, “Why do you put your master down so?”
“Don’t get me wrong,” Dancer muttered, “Santa’s a jolly and kind fellow,
“But this Christ is the real master,
“and he leads to greener pasture,”
“for though our harnesses are trimmed with jingle bells of delight,”
“His chariot I would rather pull, His yoke is easy and His burden light.”

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You might be a redneck if...

You might be married to a redneck if you come home to this in your driveway! Yes, yes, this is what is normaly used to fry a turkey. No need to worry for those who have enjoyed some fried turkey at my house on Thanksgiving, I wouldn't allow him to use the same pot. To those of you wondering what in the world is going on here, you are correct if you think you see deer antlers sticking out of the pot. This is what must be done to clean the deer skull down to the bone so you can hang that beauty on the wall.