Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "X".

Getting close to "Z"! It's sooo exciting! We learned the letter "X" this week, they both wanted me to know that it is their favorite letter. I had hidden the special treat under this big letter "X". They had to look through these "special" glasses to find it! Then we took a little field trip out to the back field to check out the neighbors goats.

These two are a laugh a minute!

When I learned that Seth's little pre-school had been cancelled I was so disappointed, but as it usually happens, our disappointments can lead to the sweetest blessings.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Homecomings & Highschool Reunions

I can remember when the grown-ups would say..."I've been graduated longer than you've been in school!" I always thought those people were so old! that It's been 20 years since I graduated highschool, does that make me old? I certainly don't feel old. This picture was taken during our reunion... obviously. There were over a hundred students in my class and... obviously they weren't all able to make the festivities..

Here we are... well some of us.

...and here I am with my handsome date... who is a great sport to hang out with me & my old friends & to hit the dance floor with me!
Here is my daughter & her date Dallin...they were off to hit the dance floor too!

Homecoming week for JCHS happened to be the week before my we were busy with highschool activities of yesteryear & the present!

Here are some shots taken mostly from the parade. Homecoming is such a busy week full of activities like powder puff football, macho volleyball, class games & pep rallies of course. A new dress-up day was added this year. Along with the usual blue & gold day there was my favorite... 80's day, 70's day, nerd day & the new "fake injury" day! The kids had alot of fun with that one.Here are some junior classmen waiting for their float to arrive.
The 8th grade float was a nod to the Homecoming Royalty from JCHS history.
Nic is in his 80's get-up portraying his father who was Homecoming King 1989.
My truck carried the Junior Class Royalty. If you look close you'll see Annelie & her date!

I've decided that homecomings & reunions are all about making memories & then revisiting them years later. Somewhere in those memories of embarassing moments and the glory days I learned a lot of lessons. In highschool we can do some pretty stupid stuff. We can hurt feelings & not even know it. We can get our feelings hurt & never let it go. We can create friendships that will last forever & others that fade as soon as we throw our caps in the air. No one is more grateful than me that there is life after highschool, but I am grateful for highschool & my memories there and whenever I get to see my old friends...I will remember us young, full of energy with the whole world waiting for what we had to offer it.