Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Annelie!

Annelie is 16 today! I can't believe it! When she was born I took her to see my great grandma, Clella McLaws, she told me "Well, you've got all of Joseph City wrapped up in one kid". I'm sure in her minds eye she was seeing all of the ties this little baby girl had to the founder's of this town. Let me just clear one thing up before I go any further, I am only related to Derron through marriage, OURS! We both happen to be descendants of two of the founding fathers of the town, John McLaws & Joseph Christian Hansen who were good friends, not relatives.

Annelie has loved growing up here. In fact she has often told me that she never wants to leave. I know she feels that way because she has had a happy childhood here, where kids can be kids. They can build a tree house & play for hours acting out anything that the imagination can conjure up, build forts in the wash & play in the irrigation ditch. Now she talks to me about what college she wants to go to & what would look good on her college application. I am so happy for her, her future is so bright, If I could only stop crying whenever I think about it. This watching your kids grow up & leave you is tough stuff.

She recently wrote this beautiful little poem. It's, as she says, "from the point of view of the wooden steps to the trampoline", she's quite clever.
Though I'm old & worn.
I feel as a newborn.
Popsicle sticks attract ants,
bare feet & grass stained pants.
Now I'm a secret trash bin
for those nights with the sleep ridden.
I am a sock covered entrance
to a giant mushroom, pirate ship, castle for a prince.
Toys, giggles gleefully borne
are replaced with shoes & a cell phone.
As a youth a mood of overwhelm,
jumps, flips & relaxes under that elm.
Years pass, birds still singing,
four feet hang o'er, two hearts on a wing.
Soft words, a gentle touch
a ring exposed, to eachother they clutch.
Time flies by me slow but silent.
My wood is rotting and my nails are bent.
But what is that? More laughter?
I straighten up - it's me thier after!
Though I'm old & worn,
I feel as a newborn.
Written by Annelie Hansen
(jan. 16, 2010)

I don't know what inspired her to write it, but it comforts me. I can relate to those old wooden steps. I think this poem could also be from "the point of view of the Mother".

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Okay I'm posting an ad for my latest creation....another blog! I've decided to start making jewelry again, so if anyone is interested or curious or have nothing else to do, click over to ...
I will continue to keep this blog. I will always love writing about life hear in good ole' Joe City, but like Sears I have a softer side. I love to make pretty things. I will be adding other creations later on, so I hope you'll peek in every once in awhile & see what's new.
Have a fabulous day!

Go Wildcats!

How I love basketball season! I am a Phoenix Suns fan, as are most of my friends & loved ones. I loved watching my brothers play all through their jr. high & high school days. The last few years I've been enjoying watching my nephew Justin play. He is senior this year & will be moving on to bigger & better things, (is there anything bigger & better? Well, I guess, he's preparing his mission papers as we speak). Well, it has finally come...

I finally get to watch my own son play basketball! Jr. high basketball, sometimes painfull to watch, but it's all about learning right now & I am loving watching him learn.

To update those of you who have moved yourselves far away, our Joe City Wildcats Varsity Basketball team won the Regional Tournament last weekend & are going into the State Playoffs. Very exciting!