Saturday, August 28, 2010

I love this time of year... the harvest. There's just something so satisfying about planting a seed & watching it grow into something that you can then pick & make a meal out of. I feel a little like the "Little Red Hen".
I also love the monsoon weather. I love watching the clouds roll in in the late afternoon. It reminds me of being a kid & putting a jar out in the rain to collect rain water. Little did I know I would someday live in the house where the previous owner took collecting rain water to a whole new level, storing it in jars in the basement & serving it on special occasions. Early in my relationship with Derron, Nunna invited him over for Sunday dinner & told him to bring me with him. As we crossed the street to her house he turned to me and said, "If the water in your glass is kind of brown don't worry, it's just rain water". I thought he was kidding until I sat down to eat & sure enough my water had a slight brown look to it. Ahh memories...that is a fond one, it makes me smile when I think about it, for alot of reasons.
Anyway...It is also the time of year that parents look forward to & kids don't...back to school! It's just me & Seth again. He has one more year with me at home. I've taken on a new venture...home pre-school. I am enjoying it. He's a bright little boy & anxious to learn. When the teenagers come home they ask what he's learned & he's so proud to get out his worksheets & show them off. Time is really flying by. The 16 year old will gone before I know it. It has been such a blessing for me to be home with my kids & watch them grow & really be a part of there little lives...every minute of it. I wouldn't trade it for anything...even those days when they make me krazy.
This will be a really precious year with Seth & hopefully we can make some fun memories. Here is a good start. I was hanging out laundry & the ditch was running full.
Lucy (the dog) loves to play in the water & Seth decided to join her, so I had to leave the laundry for a minute & go grab the camera.Inside the house Seth is my little helper. Monday is cleaning day for me
& Seth loves to push the buttons on the washing machine & he also loves to scrub the toilet with the scrubber. (I'm sure that won't last)
These laundry pictures show what I call
"Divide & Conquer"!
I divide & conquer the laundry & usually by the days end Seth has divided & conquered me!