Thursday, February 16, 2012

I became a mom 18 years ago today...Happy Birthday Doll.

 "The Rose"
written by Derron Hansen
It was late in the winter when the little plant arrived. But the gardeners knew they must take great care for it to survive. They prepared the soil, tilled and hoped the little plant's roots would grow deep.
Spring became summer then the fall, believe it or not the little rose had changed them all. The gardeners knew this was no ordinary rose, one tiny bud, so pure and so sweet, she already up and on her feet.
Talking, walking, there was no time to spare. The little rose was "fluttering" everywhere.
Wherever she went, brighter the day. She had that effect in a good kind of way. Laughing, loving to share, the little rose had very little cares.
The years came and went, it wasn't hard to tell, this little rose was heaven sent. Growing ever growing and knowing what she liked best, she hardly gave the puzzles time to rest.
Then off to school, she thought it was cool. She had been given the tools of reading and writing, she wasn't sure which she liked best...unless it was a math test!
As the little rose grew, the gardeners marveled and wondered what they had done to receive such a gift with all of their blunders.
Now is your time to let your blossoms shine. Go forth little rose and have a great time, and never forget to let your blossoms shine, shine, shine.
 The "Gardeners"
Annelie with "big brother" Justin
She's a Joe City Wildcat and a Hansen...just check out those legs:)

The girls in their signature blue dresses & feather boas.

Eighth grade graduation
Another lip sync contest...I miss those days.

The girls on Annelie's 16th birthday.

Aren't they beautiful? YES!
There's the smile that has been lighting my world for the past 18 do I love this girl? I could fill a book counting the ways.