Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Featuring my daughter...the writer.

My daughter is a great writer...I love reading her blog...it makes me laugh...it makes me cry. Just thought I would feature her here today. Click on over to

you'll be glad you did:)

Founder's Day 2011

I always look forward to Founder's Day. I love that Ivin Lee wakes us all up at the crack of dawn with his anvil blast. I love that we expect the wind to blow & when it doesn't we are all pleasantly surprised. I love that the streets are lined with our American flags put there by the local boyscouts and their leaders. I love that there are more than a dozen tracors in the parade. Yes, we are proud of our tractors. The parade this year was the longest of any that I can remember. It was great! JD & Deanne Smith did a great job. We had everything from a boat being pulled by...you guessed it, a tractor to a bathtub & chicken coop with actual chickens rolling down main street. It was a great parade in true Joe City style:) Here are just a few of the entries. The Local Highschool Principal...Mr. Fields.
I always love to watch the native dancers. Something about that drum beat.
I had to post this tractor...these are two of my young women...real Joe City girls!
There's my son Nic "skiing" behind the boat. Annelie & Seth were in the boat throwing candy, with Uncle Brad driving the tractor.
You thought I was kidding right?
Here they are...JD & Deanne. Love the red long johns:)

I couldn't agree more!
Jacob Fields demonstrating that, yes, you can saddle up a back hoe.
The Baird's did a great job representing all of us John McLaws descendants...I still can't believe that car runs!
Here are my three Joe City kids. "Joe City born, Joe city Bred"

It was another great Founder's day...thanks to all those responsible:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


So I'm finally getting around to doing some blogging...I've had a whirlwind couple of weeks & I'm coming up for air! Between my kids, my church calling, community obligations & being a landlady, my last several weeks have been booked solid...nobody call me for a couple of days... PLEASE! And as soon as I say that....I just got home from my kids parent teacher conferences aaaaand....now I'm on the Prom committee (my daughter is a Jr. this year, AAAH!) and I'm on the 8th grade graduation party committee (my son is graduating from 8th grade in May, double AAAH!) More memories right? Yes & I wouldn't want to miss any of it, although I do wish all these things were spread out a little & not all at once!
Here are a few memories I've made in the last few weeks.... When the Lip Sync contest rolls around each year both my kids classes vote me in to come up with their song & choreograph them. I'm glad they do...I have so much fun with it. My daughter's class lip synced & danced to "We Go Together" from Grease (it totally fits her class...a bunch of fun & krazy over achievers!) My son's class performed to Joan Jett's "I Love Rock & Roll" ( a personal favorite of mine & totally fits his class... a bunch of kids who are too cool for school).
I was on the BYU Ballet committee. I was in charge of ticket sales, which completely sold out a week before the show...my phone has never rang so much! People were trying like crazy to get tickets...it pretty much took over my life for a while. The ballet was a real success...it was all about princess's & fairies. All the girls were encouraged to dress up like a princess...there was a princess party before the show for all the little girls to meet the ballerina's who were in their costumes...soooo cute. During intermission all the little girls were invited up on the stage to dance with the ballerina's. This picture doesn't even do justice to how adorable it was... all those little girls twirling around the stage. (In this photo I highlighted my niece Lacy) "New Beginnings"
with my Young Women was last week. We created our own Mormon Ad a couple of weeks ago and this was our theme. My girls are so creative & I love working with them... they're great! I do however have plans to redo the photo. I have chosen a more open road for the spot & not all my girls were able to make it to this shoot & I want them all to be in it sooooo...we will be having re-takes.