Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dating Etiquette Dinner...not "eat a cat".

The table was set & ready for an important etiquette. It's sad but true...teenagers need to be reminded of what a REAL date is. So my Laurels, (that's them below...aren't they gorgeous?) invited a young men's group from Winslow to come over to Joe City for a dinner (which consisted of several different varieties of cold cereal) & some dating instruction Joe City style!

Let me introduce to the dating GURU...Jason. If you've got a question about dating, I'm certain he's got an answer for you.

Here he demonstrated some DONT'S. I believe this was something about the way you dress & remembering to wear shoes...

I believe this next one was an example on hygiene & a good haircut...very important.

Finally a good example...clean cut cowboy...that's always good!
It was a succesful activity. We laughed hard, ate lots of cold cereal & learned that what you eat for lunch can be a very important factor on your date later that evening.

Friday, January 7, 2011


So after a fun & very busy Christmas break...School is back in session! I grabbed my camera when we went out to recess the other day. The light was perfect & I felt liking "playing" too. These two are the best subjects...they're cute as can be & they always have a smile on their face, well Lacy smiles...Seth usually has some goofy face, but hey...that's how he rolls!

Recess for us usually involves throwing the ball for Trance (he's fabulous at playing fetch...they are so thrilled when he brings the ball back every time), walking across the back field to pet the neighbors goats, jumping on the trampoline & right now, playing in the snow that STILL hasn't melted.

See what I mean...Goofy face & a pretty smile.
Seth & I were having a conversation yesterday...I was asking him if he was scared to go to the big school when he turns "5"...he said "no". I'm going to take it as a compliment that I'm preparing him well for kindergarten & not that my baby boy isn't going to miss his Mommy:(
Got some fun news today...
LollyJane Boutique (from my "When I need some Inspiration" list).
has featured my "Cat's Creations" blog ...Clella Belle's Beads.
Thank You so much LollyJane!
Click on over & check them out...lot's of fun!