Friday, February 18, 2011

I see city people...

In the musical Li'l Abner there's a scene when the local country girls from "Dogpatch", realize they're going to the big city & they say with such excitement..."We're goin' to get city-fied!" I've always liked that line & I say it to myself everytime I go to the city to get "city-fied".....
which I did last weekend. I love going there to visit my brothers & sister & their families:)
I had a great time with them & I love them all soooo much!
Myself & three of my sisters-in-law spent a day walking around downtown Mesa shopping & browsing & having a great time. I love stuff like this! What's so interesting to me though is the way I feel about myself in these situations. As soon as I park my truck & walk into the first shop, I look around & I quickly become so self conscious. I am a clean, well groomed woman but when I get in that environment I feel like the last hick that rolled in on a covered wagon! I start worrying about my choice of clothing & whether or not my "roots need done" (love Steel Magnolias), & my hands! I have working hands and Yes...I do my own nails! I never really worry about these things at's just different, I don't know how else to explain it other than to use this example...This morning I took my teenaged son to school early, so I could visit with one of his teachers, I felt completely comfortable walking into the school with him, still dressed in my walking clothes, white socks with my black crocs, no make-up & yesterdays hair... nobody batted an eye..."hey Cat, how's it going?" is all I heard. Oh I forgot...the track coach did ask if the track team could stop by my house for a drink during their run after school today.
"Sure thing...the hose is always on!"