Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prom, Easter and Worm Hunting

April is here and almost gone. It seems like the older I get the faster time goes by. While shopping for Annelie'a prom dress I realized we would only do this one more time. The next important dress we will shop for will be her wedding gown. Wow... I hope that shopping trip is a waaays down the road! I could go into detail about my feelings about it all but then I'll start crying...again so I'll just say that I'm living in the moment as much as I can & enjoying everything as much as I can. I enjoyed being on the jr. class prom committee. It all turned out really nice & sadly I didn't take one picture:( I know...what the heck was I thinking? Sunday was Easter and the wind blew right on schedule but at least it didn't snow. That's been known to happen. This year grandma threw the kids a curve ball & hid all the eggs & candy at my house before anyone showed up for the Easter dinner at her house.
These pictures make me wish my rock patio was finished...ahh....someday:)
After the candy was hunted & all the kids "cashed in", we put everyone to work hunting the night crawlers that have taken over the back lawn. A couple of years ago Derron came home from a fishing trip with left over night crawlers & put them in the back flower bed. Well...they have multiplied & replenished & are ruining the back yard! We researched what to do & found that if you pour soapy water on the grass, the worms will come up. It was a big hit! Everyone joined in & we caught a lot of night crawlers!
Anyone going fishing? We have all the night crawlers you need...we'll even furnish the soap.