Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Treasures and Friends, Friends I Treasure.

So I have these great friends, Julie, Linda & Jill. We LOVE to hunt for treasures in any thrift store, yard sale & junk yard we can find. Our latest adventure was a place that Jill recently discovered. I don't even remember the name of it but it was not unlike the backyard of a hoarder...only somewhat organized into sheds & old box cars & piles leaning against those sheds. We drove through the open gate into shangra la! Piles & heaps of old bed frames, old windows, old signs...You name it, if it was old & rusty, it was there! After walking around and eyeing all the possibilities, we noticed that no one seemed to be there. We then saw a note from the owner on the door of one of the sheds. He was out of town but he left a phone number, so Jill quickly dialed her phone. He soon answered...he was way out of Kansas out of town! So Jill asked if he would let us leave him the money for the items we had picked out! I love my friends...they are so bold! We had looked forward to this for over a week, we had driven over an hour, we had brought a truck, we did NOT want to go home empty handed. Guess what? He agreed! It was on, we started making our "piles" but we couldn't ignore the sign that read: "More Treasures Inside the Box Car". Only the box cars were padlocked! "MMM...I wonder if he keeps a key around for just such an occasion? Let's call him & ask". Sure enough...before we knew it Jill was on the phone with the owner as he gave her directions to the key! We were soon inside the box cars and they did not disappoint. The owner called us back a few times to see if we had any questions. Soon we were tallying up our purchases over the phone, writing our checks & leaving them where he could find them. After loading up the truck we were off to a great Mexican restaurant for lunch...after all it was "Cinco de Mayo". Our lunch was "deelish" and due to the holiday there were great specials. I don't think any of us paid more than $5.00 for our meal. We love to stretch a dollar. It was a great day! I'm grateful to have such genuine women to call my friends. They are such good examples to me, they help me be a better person and they make me laugh. I am looking forward to our next adventure in treasure hunting, but until then I am planning to return there, when the owner is home, and thank him for trusting us and allowing our day to not be ruined. Here are the treasures I came home with. I love the "For Good Results We Feed MoorMan's" sign. It's actually an old livestock feed brand:)

"I'm proud to say I love this place...Good ole' small town USA".

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